Zemel Genealogy

Tzvi Aryeh Zemel, probably born in Lublin, Poland, had at least 7 children, and I was told by some, at least 13. The only ones of which I know are my great-grandfather Nathan Zemel and his siblings Chunna Zemel, Moshe Zemel, Rivka Zemel, Menasha Zemel, Yosef Zemel, and Gussy Zemel Friedman.

For additional information on the early Zemel's in the United States, see the transcript of Pearl Zemel Bier talking with Sarah Chausmer Chernin.

Charlotte County, Florida wanted to have a road between the Tammiami Trail and Burnt Station Road. Abe and Charles Zemel agreed to dedicate the road for free. This is called Zemel Road (and there is also a Zemel Road Landfill (pdf)). Then, Charlotte county condemned part of the property which is now the Zemel Road Landfill.

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